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You may not need a website if …

You may not need a web­site if …

  • You’re an in-​house con­sul­tant with only one client, and you’re okay with that (e.g. you have an arrang­ment essenti­ally making you an employee.)
  • You’re have no custo­mers and only a handful of stake­hol­ders, and you’re okay with that (e.g. you manage a family hol­ding com­pany or fund)
  • 100% of your custo­mers buy from you spon­tane­ously, because you’re the most con­ve­nient option, and you’re okay with that. (e.g. you run an unbranded hot dog cart in Times Square )
  • You’re going out of busi­ness, and you’re okay with that (i.e. prepa­ring for retirement)
English: Times Square

You may not need a web­site if you run a generic hotdog cart in Times Square. You pro­bably do need a web­site if you want to have any chance of actually stan­ding out in this mar­ket­place, though … (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On the other hand, you pro­bably do need a web­site if …

  • Your custo­mers ever think about buying from you at times when you’re not around, or you want them to (i.e. people make plans – even in only 30 min­utes in advance – to come to your store)
  • Your pro­duct is sig­ni­fi­cantly dif­fe­rent from that of your direct com­pe­ti­tors, or you want it to be (i.e. you are not sel­ling a com­mo­dity – at least not just that.)
  • You want people to con­tact you about buying your pro­ducts or services.
  • You want to be able to auto­mate more of your busi­ness, and increase efficiency
  • You want more people to know about you and your pro­ducts or services
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