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Website development

The key to successful web­site devel­op­ment is, as the name implies, devel­op­ment. As opposed to mere construction.

Many com­pa­nies hire someone to build an expen­sive web­site, often with unclear goals and expecta­tions. Once the designer and developer push the launch button, they hand over the con­trol panel to the company.

The com­pany is – quite jus­ti­fi­ably – proud of their beaut­iful, new web­site for a while, but other­wise leave it on its own to do … well, not­hing really.

Except pale in compa­rison to the next beaut­iful site, as web tech­no­logy matures and fashion trends change.

Which is why there are so many out­dated web­sites out there. Like piles of last year’s glossy pro­duct cata­logs left to fade on the window sill. No longer relevant.

Our approach is different.

The process

We rea­lize that web­sites must be main­tained and devel­oped over time, if they are expected to per­form and deliver return on invest­ment. The only logical con­se­quence then, is to build web­sites that are meant to develop over time.

Following many of the lean prin­ciples most recently made famous by Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup, we keep the cost and time required to launch a web­site very low.

We start by defi­ning clear, unam­bi­gous goals and met­rics for deter­mi­ning the success of the web­site, aligned with the goals of the busi­ness itself, and develop a strategy.

Then we trans­late those – goals, met­rics and stra­tegy – into a lightweight web­site. Using rea­dy­made – but always high-​quality – resources where we can, adap­ting them to the busi­ness’ and website’s unique needs. We can be up and run­ning in a matter of weeks, if not days.

After launch

But laun­ching is just the beginning.

As soon as the web­site is live, we start meas­su­ring the per­for­mance of the web­site and its parts – repor­ting, tweaking, opti­mi­zing each aspect of it.

An hypot­hesis on how a page can be made better, can easily be tested. Experimenting, lear­ning, we can always improve. And when we’re always impro­ving, it’s impos­sible to fail.

Now, that’s web devel­op­ment. And that’s how you get results and ROI from your website.

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