Website development

The key to successful website development is, as the name implies, development. As opposed to mere construction.

Many companies hire someone to build an expensive website, often with unclear goals and expectations. Once the designer and developer push the launch button, they hand over the control panel to the company.

The company is – quite justifiably – proud of their beautiful, new website for a while, but otherwise leave it on its own to do … well, nothing really.

Except pale in comparison to the next beautiful site, as web technology matures and fashion trends change.

Which is why there are so many outdated websites out there. Like piles of last year’s glossy product catalogs left to fade on the window sill. No longer relevant.

Our approach is different.

The process

We realize that websites must be maintained and developed over time, if they are expected to perform and deliver return on investment. The only logical consequence then, is to build websites that are meant to develop over time.

Following many of the lean principles most recently made famous by Eric Ries’ book The Lean Startup, we keep the cost and time required to launch a website very low.

We start by defining clear, unambigous goals and metrics for determining the success of the website, aligned with the goals of the business itself, and develop a strategy.

Then we translate those – goals, metrics and strategy – into a lightweight website. Using readymade – but always high-quality – resources where we can, adapting them to the business’ and website’s unique needs. We can be up and running in a matter of weeks, if not days.

After launch

But launching is just the beginning.

As soon as the website is live, we start meassuring the performance of the website and its parts – reporting, tweaking, optimizing each aspect of it.

An hypothesis on how a page can be made better, can easily be tested. Experimenting, learning, we can always improve. And when we’re always improving, it’s impossible to fail.

Now, that’s web development. And that’s how you get results and ROI from your website.

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