Website maintenance

You know what they forgot to tell you when they sold you your website? It requires work. It’s not actually finished when they hand it over to you – that’s just the beginning.

Fifteen years ago, you could get away with just having a website. Not so anymore. A website requires upkeep and maintenance to be of any use.

Most obviously, the information must be up-to-date and correct, and somebody should make sure it resonates with the audience, and actually helps your business achieve its goals. That’s a big deal that many site owners forget to think about.

But it is also important to make sure that the software is regularly updated. Without regular maintenance to keep up with technology, your website may perform less than optimally for your visitors, and become an easy target for evildoers.

Let us take care of it for you.

Regular backups

We make a backup of all content on your site monthly as well as before any big maintenance operations and after significant additions to the site. That way you’ll never have to worry about all the copy, pictures and hard work that’s gone into your site will disappear in some computer crash, virus infection, hacker attack or good old-fashioned “human error”.

Regular software updates

In order to keep up with technological advances and stay a step ahead of the evildoers on the internet, it is important to ensure that the software powering your site is up-to-date. Therefore, we will update your WordPress installation, as well as any extensions, to the latest available and stable version monthly.

Content quality control

Things change. People quit, addresses and phone numbers change, and every now and then you make some changes to what products and services you offer. Which is why we regularly (monthly or quarterly, depending on the information) go over all the most important information on your site with you, and make sure that it still gives an accurate and complete picture of the business.

Marketing performance

Your website has a job to do. If it’s like most other websites for small businesses, though, it’s slacking off at work. We hold it accountable. We set performance goals for your site, go through the statistics to see whether it measures up, and make suggestions for how it can be improved upon to deliver even better results.

On-call support

It’s a pretty safe bet that if anything goes wrong or needs to be done quickly, it’s not going to happen on a schedule. Well, when you haeve a relationship with Next Page, just drop us a line or pick up the phone, and we’re on it.