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Website maintenance

You know what they forgot to tell you when they sold you your web­site? It requires work. It’s not actually finished when they hand it over to you – that’s just the beginning.

Fifteen years ago, you could get away with just having a web­site. Not so any­more. A web­site requires upkeep and mainte­nance to be of any use.

Most obviously, the infor­ma­tion must be up-​to-​date and cor­rect, and some­body should make sure it reso­nates with the audience, and actually helps your busi­ness achieve its goals. That’s a big deal that many site owners forget to think about.

But it is also impor­tant to make sure that the soft­ware is regu­larly updated. Without regular mainte­nance to keep up with tech­no­logy, your web­site may per­form less than opti­mally for your visi­tors, and become an easy target for evildoers.

Let us take care of it for you.

Regular backups

We make a backup of all con­tent on your site mon­thly as well as before any big mainte­nance ope­ra­tions and after sig­ni­fi­cant additions to the site. That way you’ll never have to worry about all the copy, pic­tures and hard work that’s gone into your site will dis­appear in some com­puter crash, virus infec­tion, hacker attack or good old-​fashioned «human error».

Regular software updates

In order to keep up with tech­no­lo­gical advances and stay a step ahead of the evil­doers on the internet, it is impor­tant to ensure that the soft­ware powe­ring your site is up-​to-​date. Therefore, we will update your WordPress instal­la­tion, as well as any exten­sions, to the latest avai­lable and stable ver­sion monthly.

Content quality control

Things change. People quit, addresses and phone num­bers change, and every now and then you make some changes to what pro­ducts and ser­vices you offer. Which is why we regu­larly (mon­thly or quar­terly, depen­ding on the infor­ma­tion) go over all the most impor­tant infor­ma­tion on your site with you, and make sure that it still gives an accu­rate and com­p­lete pic­ture of the business.

Marketing performance

Your web­site has a job to do. If it’s like most other web­sites for small busi­nesses, though, it’s slacking off at work. We hold it accoun­table. We set per­for­mance goals for your site, go through the sta­ti­s­tics to see whether it measures up, and make sugge­stions for how it can be improved upon to deliver even better results.

On-call support

It’s a pretty safe bet that if any­thing goes wrong or needs to be done quickly, it’s not going to happen on a sche­dule. Well, when you haeve a rela­tion­ship with Next Page, just drop us a line or pick up the phone, and we’re on it.

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