Who are we?

Next Page is as much the hub in a network as it is a company. We believe strong, highly flexible networks are the best, if not the only, way for specialists to thrive in the 21th century.

For you, the client, working with Next Page’s network of regular collaborators (rather than ad-hoc freelancers), ensures that you get the reliability and systematic quality control that the huge 20th century corporations perfected. But in addition, you can be sure you get the team and expertise you need – not the one we happen to have on staff at any given time.

The collaborators themselves understand that providing excellent value is the ultimate form of job security, and as long as they contribute (and top performers always know how to contribute), they are self-sufficient.

Here are some of the top performing people and microteams contributing to the Next Page network:

Christian K. Nordtomme

Christian K. Nordtømme

Christian is the founder of Next Page. He’s a Norwegian expatriate in New York, who has spent his life and career in marketing and communications.

705 Carroll Street, #2R
Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA
Phone: (347) 881-3552
Happy People

Happy People

The team at Happy People, headed up by Erlend Sand, are expert management consultants. Always the entrepreneur himself, Erlend goes out of his way to help entrepreneurs and small businesses, mostly through executive coaching and high-impact board work in times of crisis or rapid growth.

Oslo, Norway
papaya design n marketing

Papaya design & marketing

Papaya was the birthplace of Next Page. Margaret and Pernille head up the project management at this small marketing agency that works closely with some of the biggest organizations in Norway.

Oslo, Norway
Six Ways to Sunday

Six Ways to Sunday

Six Ways is a boutique graphic design agency run by Anja Pieters and Suzanne van Breda, two talented designers passionate about clutter-free design, as well as creativity, quality and reliability.

Cape Town, ZA