Go for the big wins

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There are – quite literally – thousands of things you can do that might, and probably will, contribute to increased sales, a boost in your productivity and an improved bottom line.

You can rewrite your bio on the company website and update your LinkedIn profile. You can go to a lot of networking events, where you’ll probably meet more competitors and colleagues than potential clients. You can wear a different suit to meetings.

All these things might help. But how much?

Next to the big wins – the outcomes of a few select phone calls, of some key strategic decisions, of hiring a marketing genius (ahem) – all the small wins will pale in their insignificance.

That’s not to say that you’re always better off making phone calls than trying to look good. At some point, improving your LinkedIn profile will offer you the biggest potential win out there. Most of the time it won’t.

So just keep shooting for the biggest prizes – both professionally and privately. Eventually you’ll get around to everything that’s truly important, and have wasted little time on everything else.

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